Home Security Camera Varieties

The home security camera comes in several different varieties for a reason. If each home is unique and has specific needs for its home security, why shouldn’t the security camera tailor to that need? Similarly, each homeowner has specific needs and desires for home security, and the camera should be able to work with those determining factors. cameras-160997702Therefore, while one home security camera may be like another, there are plenty of varieties available for the purchase. Here we will go over some of the kinds of home security cameras you can buy on the market today for your home security system.

Hidden Home Security Camera

If you want to go with a security system that is unrecognizable as one, you can purchase a hidden home security camera. Whether it’s disguised as a sprinkler or a smoke detector, a hidden camera will be able to capture footage just as well as the next camera security device you could install. However, hidden cameras are not necessarily sturdy in unfriendly weather conditions, particularly in rain or snow. And while hidden cameras are able to capture images just fine, they usually don’t use infrared sensors to detect images; this means that they do not get as clear a picture in the dark.

Dome Home Security Camera

The dome security camera gives you added surveillance in some key ways. For starters, the dome is less noticeable and people may not immediately take it for a camera at all. It can almost be a hidden camera that way. Also, the dome protects the actual lens from damage or tampering, making it good for security and good in multiple weather conditions. In addition, there is the smoked dome model, which has a darkened dome. This disguises it further and makes it impossible to see where the camera lens is directed, so that anyone being watched cannot tell for certain whether it is watching them.

Pan Tilt Zoom Home Security Camera

590268_41992492The pan tilt zoom camera is also aptly named – it pans, it tilts, and it zooms for your viewing and surveillance pleasure. Whether you want it to pan left or right or tilt up or down, or zoom to view an image more closely, this camera is able to get a clear picture for you. And you can even program it to tour various areas of your yard or house at specific times of the day, just to make sure the home is secure. With the added feature that this home security camera can be accessed remotely, it’s no wonder that these are usually the most expensive kinds of home security cameras.

There are additional varieties of security cameras that are suitable for use in home security, and each of these has a variety of features that come with them. There is the pro box security camera, which is more often used in stores than in homes but is still suitable for home security. There are features such as night transitioning, which means that the camera coloring changes to black and white at night to be able to better detect light and shapes. And there are cameras with HD viewing so that the resolution is clear and easily detectable. Whichever type of home security camera you choose to look at, you’ll have plenty of options with good features to enhance home security systems.