Comparison Shopping for Home Security Devices

If you want to compare home security devices to each other, you have to know what you’re looking for. What look do you want – are you looking for the home security products that look the most professional, or that blend into your home décor, or that don’t look like security devices at all? How much are you willing to spend? But more importantly, what do you need for your home security system? Here are a few tips on things to look for when comparison shopping for home security devices.

Security Lighting

200171288-001Is your street poorly lit, and you’d like to install some security lighting? Maybe a flood light would be good for you. For most homes, it’s actually recommended to get multiple light sources with low wattage (0.05 per square foot of ground is a good standard) rather than one or two glaring flood lights. With several lights of low to moderate wattage, you’ll reduce shadows and glares and actually improve night vision because the contrast won’t be so dramatic. Additionally, that way you can still have protection if one of the bulbs burns out. There’s also the option of getting motion sensor lights for home security devices. When triggered, motion sensor lights will be brightly lit, usually with incandescent bulbs, but they will save money by not using electricity most of the time. Compare lighting options to each other, and see where you’ll be able to place them around your home. For example, if there’s no chance you can actually put security lighting in a certain area because of how the power lines work, maybe you’ll have to look at other kinds of lights for your home security devices to still allow light to reach that area.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Likewise, security cameras have different varieties that can each make good home security devices. If you want to install a standard camera with good lens quality and sturdy protection for that lens, then consider a smoked dome camera – affordable, yet secure. But if your goal is to make sure that nobody knows you are watching them with your home security system, get a hidden camera. For the best visual picture with the most angles and zoom options, you can spend several hundred or more dollars to get a quality pan tilt zoom camera. Any of these camera options can be made to match home décor –they usually come in a variety of colors and sizes so that they’ll fit with multiple homes.

Home Security Devices with Sensors

Infrared motion sensor 466282673Security sensors are excellent items to have as a part of your home security, but there are so many varieties that it’s hard to know which ones you need. Everyone should have some sort of safety sensor for fires (fire alarm) or floods (water sensor or water leak detector), because those can destroy any home. But not everyone lives in a place with temperature extremes, so if you live on the beach in southern California and you’re comparing freeze alarms, you’re wasting your time. In addition, you’re a lot more likely to need a carbon monoxide detector if you live in an older home than if you live in a newer home – newer homes are less likely to have problems, and many are required by law to include carbon monoxide detectors anyway. This is why the needs of each home should be the key factor in choosing security devices with sensors.

Home security should be personalized, and so should home security devices. So in order to make it completely personal to fit your needs, consider what your home needs for home security devices before overwhelming yourself by looking at them all.